General questions

What kind of game is Particubes?

What platforms is Particubes available on?

What minimum mobile/computer specs do I need?

How many players can play together on the same server?

Is Particubes going to be free to play or paid?

Do I need to invest in an external server to play with my friends?

Will this game be online multiplayer ?

Does Particubes have an offline mode?

What age rating is Particubes?

I'm interested in writing a review of Particubes. Who can I contact?

About the beta

When does Particubes open its beta?

Will all testers get access at the same time?

Where can I register for the beta?

Where can I download the beta?

Where can I report a problem?

Block creations (maps, items, avatars)

I have made wonderful creations on Minecrarft and Magicavoxel, will it be possible to import them in Particubes?


Is it possible to code my own Particubes game?

What programming language does Particubes use?

What software should I use to program games for Particubes?

Is Particubes open-source?

What engine does Particubes run on?

Is it possible to interact with external services?

Any plans on porting to the web?